aliases, past and present:

… and why on Earth all these different names Ludvig?

Who is

Ludvig Cimbrelius?

quite possibly;
a tear in the fabric
of space and time
and also;
a goofball
who loves to sing,
swim and play
in oceans
of sound

With my music, I want to continue opening that window

may remind us

             that we are

so much


Some voices about my music…

“Amazing musician, deep divine sounds from the heart.”
~ Genoveva K.

“Ludvig is one of the most insightful and thoughtful composers I know. His excursions into a wide range of sounds and instruments showcases his multifaceted talents in extraordinarily intimate ways. The variety of music genres illustrates his many talents, and his work is a constant presence in my painting studio.”
~ Russell Stephenson

“Music from the heart and soul. It can transport me to everywhere. I just feel so lucky to know and fall in love with Ludvig’s music. Infinite Beauty.”
~ Siyuan

“Your music is a safe place in this world.”
~ Meydän

“…just discovered your music and it’s been saving me every single day – WE ALL NEED YOUR CREATIVE IRREVERENT MUSICAL GENIUS <3”
~ Veganvisir – CtC

“Ludvig channels the very essence of being into musical form. Pure perfection.”
~ Barry McGuinness