Who is

Ludvig Cimbrelius?

Who is Ludvig Cimbrelius?

quite possibly;
a tear in the fabric
of space and time
and also;
a goofball
who likes to sing,
swim and play
in oceans
of sound

Some voices about my music…

“Amazing musician, deep divine sounds from the heart.”
~ Genoveva

“Ludvig is one of the most insightful and thoughtful composers I know. His excursions into a wide range of sounds and instruments showcases his multifaceted talents in extraordinarily intimate ways. The variety of music genres illustrates his many talents, and his work is a constant presence in my painting studio.”
~ Russell Stephenson

“Music from the heart and soul. It can transport me to everywhere. I just feel so lucky to know and fall in love with Ludvig’s music. Infinite Beauty.”
~ Siyuan

“Your music is a safe place in this world.”
~ Meydän

“Ludvig channels the very essence of being into musical form. Pure perfection.”
~ Barry McGuinness

aliases, past and present


The earliest memories Ludvig Cimbrelius can recall are of music and eternity. Before having words or concepts he experienced an endless inner reality of love and light, and also found that the way sounds were converging in certain parts of his favorite songs would continually open the window to this inner realm. So he listened to the songs over and over, drinking from the fountain…

Ludvig has devoted most of his waking life attempting to create music that is embued with this elusive touch of eternity. His musical journey is both bountiful and diverse – in expressing different aspects of his being he currently employs three aliases in addition to his given name: Eternell, Purl and Illuvia. While his musical offerings are vastly different in style, they all spring from the same desire at the heart.

“I find music to be a limitless language capable of expressing glimpses of the depths of beauty and wonder that resides within us all. Our essence is eternal, and it is my desire to let the playful awareness of eternity shine through in my music. Eternity means to not be finished; to continue expanding, dancing and exploring… and as our essence is forever expanding, the same must be true of its expressions…”

– Ludvig Cimbrelius