Growing up in this world, I found my refuge in nature. Lost among trees, meandering across meadows, resting in the sounds of birds, of the wind and of rivers and brooks, forgetting about everything except the beauty that surrounded me.

Nature reflected something deep within myself that I had lost touch with—the perennial joy that is the foundation of all existence. 

I found the name Purl for the music that was flowing through me—a tribute to the sounds of nature that had given me so much.

The intention behind Purl is to be a channel through which our true nature can express and be felt as patterns of sound.


Purl Ground Phisteria PHI012LTD Purl Cosimo di Rondò Eter Records ETER002 Purl Återfunnen Klarhet Sediment sediment011 Purl A Quiet Awakening Dewtone Recordings DTR001 Purl Deep Ground Silent Season SSD03 Purl From Nothingness Post Global Recordings post005 Jeremy Clarke & Purl Astounding Still Eternell ETNL01 Purl & Deflektion Growing Dewtone Recordings DTR018 Purl Inbetween Sounds Eternell ETNL06 Purl & Deflektion Rest In You Dewtone Recordings DTR029Purl Behind Clouds Dewtone Recordings DTR032 Purl Stillpoint Silent Season SSCD17 Purl & Sinius Oceans Of Sound AM4 – Eternell ETR07 Purl Evighet Eternell ETNL17 Purl   Archives ArchivesCD008/Archives27 Lav & Purl The Present Moment Eternell ETNL20 Purl Sagan Eternell ETNL21 Lav & Purl A State Of Becoming A Strangely Isolated Place ASIPV007 Purl Childhood Dreams Eternell ETR09 Purl Emptiness Is Form Archives ArchivesCD018/Archives37 Purl & Deflektion Celestial Bodies Eternell ETNL25 Purl & Hivetribe Foreign Winds Faint Faint003 Purl Of Being Eternell ETR06b Purl Somewhere In Between Eternell ETNL28 Yamaoka & Purl Simple Songs Databloem DBCD079 Purl Evighetsblomma self released PURL01 Purl Celestial Entropy self released PURL02 Purl Poems ROHS! ROHS!001JX Purl Violante (Lost in a Dream) Archives Archives55/ArchivesCD36 Purl A Sky Beyond self released PURL03 Purl & protoU Sub Life Dronarivm DR-60 Purl & Sinius Acceptance self released —