I have used many different aliases for my music over the years. Purl was the first and many others followed (Surr, Rust, Xpire, Eternell, Alveol, Ziyal, Illuvia etc.). Each name is like a lens through which the light of creativity flows and is expressed in a certain way, with more or less defined textures, flavors and stylistic elements pertaining to that particular name. Over time a desire was born to sometimes be able to cast the names/lenses aside and let creativity flow as freely as possible, not having to think about conforming to any previous expressions or definitions, and at some point, it felt natural to begin to share those expressions. ‘Dreaming the Night Sky’ – the first album under my given name – was released early in 2018 and since then 6 more releases and a single has come out.

Right now you can get all 8 releases for $14 at my Bandcamp page, by choosing to “Buy Digital Discography” from any of the release pages: https://ludvigcimbrelius.bandcamp.com/album/in-dreams

If my music resonates with your heart, I’d love to know about it so always feel free to write me (or leave a comment on Bandcamp), and know that every single purchase or stream helps me to continue sharing my love with the world through sound. ?