Here are links to interviews and mixes I have recorded for different people and platforms that I have connected and shared passions with throughout my journey as an artist.


A Summer & A Thousand Autumns


interviewed by Joachim Spieth

Focus on Ludvig Cimbrelius

I have known Joachim’s music since I was an aspiring vinyl DJ back in the day and some of his early Kompakt releases found their way into my collection. Joachim is a truly visionary artist, and some of his more recent albums shine in my mind. So it was an honor and a pleasure to answer his questions about my own journey in music (and I’m happy that he didn’t mind my lengthy answers…)

illuvia mix and story for ASIP

Isolatedmix 107 / Illuvia

In conjunction with the release of Illuvia’s ambient jungle epos Iridescence of Clouds on my friend Ryan’s label A Strangely Isolated Place, I felt the need to also express my love for this style of music through a mix with a selection of tracks that I grew up on, accompanied with an introductory text on its personal significance in my life.


mix for THE MEMOIR

Page 27: Ludvig Cimbrelius

When Michel Iseneld, founder of Hypnus Records, and I connected many moons ago, I instantly knew there was a deeply magical story to unfold. This story turned out to be centered around Milla, the second album from Illuvia, and possibly the one with the deepest spiritual roots of them all. A somewhat darker journey that holds immense significance for me personally, and one I don’t know if I had been able to express without the stability and support offered by Michel.

During our interaction, Michel also extended an invitation to share my sounds on a page of the legendary podcast series The Memoir. What a treat.

purl live for NORDANVIND

purl live for NORDANVIND

I had the joy of meeting Ida (Fjäder) on several music festivals in the north, set in forests and on arctic islands. To experience her music live was incredibly powerful and profound for me, and during our conversations she invited me to share something with her creative child Nordanvind. 

Vårbäcken porlar
Sol skimrar i strimmor
Alla vårens blommor
kastas ut ur gryningens dimmor
Oh hans sång når mitt hjärta
genom vindarnas brus
Skimrande toner av strålande ljus

Words by Ida.
Artwork by ARIJ MOKA.

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